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Wilbanks to stay: Why am I not surprised?   4 comments

Proof that education change is slow to come to Gwinnett County: The Gwinnett County Board of Education voted to extend Superintendent Alvin Wilbanks’ contract for 2 additional years, until 2012. Wilbanks is currently the superintendent of the largest school district in the state of Georgia; he is also one of the longest-serving superintendents in the country. Some of the highlights of Wilbanks’ career as superintendent:

  • Missing AYP for 6 consecutive years (See story here);
  • Challenging a charter school that is actually closing the achievement gap (See story here);
  • Blaming Special Education for the academic woes of public education;
  • Questioning the existence of Blacks in Idaho at an open school board meeting (See story here);
  • Operating a system that continues to suspend and expel Black and Latino students at disproportionate rates;
  • 48% graduation rate for students with disabilities.

There are more, but there is no need to fill this blog with a laundry list of public education failures. One a brighter note, The Broad Foundation overlooked the district’s blaring discrepancies and less-than-culturally sensitive superintendent when they awarded Gwinnett County $250,000 as a finalist in the Urban Education competition.

Yep, I am certain: The road to change does not run through Gwinnett County.