Things I wanted to Tweet today but couldn’t because I was on a Twitter-fast   1 comment


This is what I've become


  1. It was so cold this morning, I didn’t want to get out of bed.
  2. Thinking about Indiana winters has kept me stuck in Georgia.
  3. My body doesn’t like the cold.
  4. Why do people get uncomfortable when parents start asking questions?
  5. What would you think if a school official sent you an email at 12:41 AM?
  6. Why is it so hard for people to say ‘We/I made a mistake. Please forgive us/me?’ I would accept your apology and move on.
  7. #1 again.
  8. When/how did students with Special Needs become such a low priority for school districts/state departments of education?
  9. Who really wants to work with parents w/o knowledge of school policies/laws/rights? I didn’t/don’t.
  10. Good lord, can this child’s mamma buy her some rhythm? Please? (Dancing with the Stars)
  11. As much as I hate/fear (the process of) moving, I think it’s time to move on.
  12. I’ve had many days where I sat still to hear You. Have You been listening to me?
  13. I was liking Jennifer Grey until she started acting like a drama queen. I’m rooting for Brandy & Rick now.
  14. I thought I kept up on the new people who are following me! Sorry! Thanks for your interest!
  15. I enjoyed the Sesame Street video promoting love of natural hair, but I didn’t realize the story behind it. By no means am I against people adopting babies from other countries (one of my fav profs & her hubby adopted a Black baby-U.S. born), but…if you adopt a child from Africa and give her/him blond haired. blue-eyed dolls, expect him/her to have some image ‘issues.’
  16. I miss y’all when I’m not online. I will go through withdrawal when I finally start working!
  17. Dear Junior Seau: Putting your hands on a woman is bad. BTW: What is up with these old dudes & these young girls?
  18. I only cussed once today. That’s good considering these Yahoos at the school are getting on my damn nerves…o.k. that’s twice. SHAT!
  19. I feel better after that face-first fall on the concrete 2 weeks ago. Will start walking again tomorrow.
  20. Looking forward to serving on the Educating Georgia panel next month. Should probably start working on my ‘piece.’
  21. Which reminds me, I really need to get this web site done. FYI: I am not very good at HTML/Code or whatever they call it. I have little patience for such things, which is why I have about 10 unfinished home improvement projects scattered throughout my house.
  22. I wonder what I’d be doing if there were no twitter???? Probably talking to myself…my kids already think I’m crazy….
  23. Why do people follow you but not interact with you? I need to do some Twitter-cleaning real soon. I need & welcome dialogue!
  24. Less than 2 hours and I get to Tweet again!!!!!
  25. Uh…haven’t written anything since #24 and still 1 hour and 4 minutes until I can tweet……. *faints*
  26. I think I might have a piece of that cake I made last night. FYI: @JournalProject – I gave more than half away to neighbors! <sticks out tongue>
  27. 1 hour to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  28. I wonder if my <fake> Twitter Boo(s) is/are online and if he/they missed me today?
  29. So, if you have a Twitter Boo, or Boos, around Valentine’s Day, does that mean they have to get you something? No? Oh, ok, Nevamind. Carry-on!
  30. Dear Sonny Perdue: Your days are numbered-stop grasping for straws. TYVM.
  31. Wow! City of Atlanta has an $11M water bill. I wonder when they will get their disconnect notice?
  32. Dear Clifford Harris: I was really rooting for you because you have the potential to positively influence a lot of kids. I hope this stint in the clink/pokey/big house/pen will open your eyes.
  33. I think ‘gubernatorial’ should be changed to ‘goober-natorial’ when I look at some of these commercials…
  34. Um, so I went to to find pics of distracted people and several pics of women showcasing their um…twins popped up. I guess I should have said ‘Distracted women.’ Seriously? Wow.
  35. Dear Facebook: Just stop already! Dagnabit!
  36. What can I do, besides eat, to pass the last 39 minutes of my Twitter-fast?
  37. I need to get cable before Conan comes on……
  38. Dave said he had a knot in his thing….dirty old man…..

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One response to “Things I wanted to Tweet today but couldn’t because I was on a Twitter-fast

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  1. 4. Ditto.

    4 1/2. I can only imagine that the REST of their day is spent wiping their brow and saying, Whew! Glad my students have dumb, uninterested or mis-educated parents so i could get away with all of this!

    5. I don’t mind emails at any time. What i DO mind is the teacher PHONING my house at 6:31 AM to tell me what my child is supposed to wear TODAY for his part in the school assembly. “I just realized an hour ago that I hadn’t told you about this…” Disorganized much?

    6. Because it’s so much easier to say, “I’m sorry for any INCONVENIENCE it MAY have caused.” These days, it’s all about avoiding admission of fault — in case of lawsuit, break out the Standard No-Fault Apology.

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