Eureka: When do kids ‘get’ it? Part II   Leave a comment

This is not the blog I have been working on all day but my thoughts are too long for a Tweet!

So yesterday my oldest comes home from school. Our usual conversation:

Me: How was school?

Him: Good. I don’t have any homework.

Me: None?

Him: Nope. I have a Geometry test on Friday.

Me: Well you need to go over your notes tonight.

Him: Our teacher said that we will do the review in class tomorrow.

Me: If you didn’t get any homework, that means you will likely have a quiz tomorrow. Trust me. You need to study your notes.

So a few hours passed and I asked him if he had studied; he said no. I reiterated what I said earlier (Think: Madea):

‘You need to study! If you didn’t get homework you will have a quiz tomorrow!

Fast forward to 10 minutes ago.

Me: How was school?

Him: Good. Guess what? We had a pop quiz in Geometry today! I got a 100!

Me: Mmmm hmmm. What did I tell you? Now what would have happened if you hadn’t studied?

Him: I would have gotten them all wrong!

Question: How many Mamma’s does it take to turn on the light bulb?

Answer: Just one, if you do it right!

Proud of my ‘baby!’


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