When do kids ‘get it?’   Leave a comment

So as you all know, my kids (and the entire Gwinnett County School System) went back-to-school last week. Some of you are still enjoying your summer, but it’s back to business for 160k+ kids in our system, as well as those in Atlanta Public Schools and other metro districts.

One day last week as the oldest is doing homework for his online class, he asked me why he was taking it, when none of his other classmates at South Gwinnett are taking online classes (in addition to the six they take in school). My first reaction was to reach-out and touch him, not á la Diana Ross but more along the lines of Madea. Fortunately for him, I exerted some (temporary) restraint…for now anyway. He doesn’t quite understand that the decisions I make regarding his education are in his best interest, not mine…unless of course you count OPERATION: We need to get you out of my house by 18′ in my best interest…

I recognized a long time ago that my son is not me. By that, I mean he does not possess the same level of motivation to excel in school that I had/have. By 7th grade, I decided where I would go to college-and I actually graduated from that university. My son, eh….not so much. He is still at that stage where he questions why he has to do this, that, and more than everyone else. He doesn’t quite ‘get it’ yet and I am wondering when/if he will. In my last post I ranted about the school’s/district’s low expectations for students; at least from my point-of-view they are low. I don’t see as nearly as many academic challenges that were impressed upon me when I was in high school. So how do I get this child to understand that low expectations are not the norm?  Maybe his drive will kick-in a little later. I certainly hope so because he possesses the aptitude, the attitude just needs to catch-up. Any suggestions?

Ok, gotta go. I have some Geometry homework to do.

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