When the status quo just won't do   2 comments

As I’m sitting here, listening to music and the much-awaited rain crashing against my windows, there is something really important on my mind. Sadly, blogging is the best way to get my thoughts heard, as I encounter few people IRL with whom I can discuss these things face-to-face. Better yet, there are few people I meet who want to discuss these things. This is something that is always on my mind; I use this forum as a way to clear my mind because holding these things in will not do me (or anyone else) any good. So here are the things that inspired my (internal) intellectual dialog for today:

1. I was reading through some of my friends’ FB status updates and my college roommate posted something about her HOA that was both sad and hilarious. In the covenants for the development, there was a statement that read: “None of the lots shall be conveyed, occupied, etc. to anyone other than of the Caucasian Race.” She said they drew a line though it, instead of completely deleting it. Let me clear, I thought it was funny in the sense that, in 2010, a professional agent would actually hand that document to someone, especially a Black someone, without deleting that statement. Even funnier is the fact that no one thought it was important to remove the statement, especially since we live in a ‘post-racial’ America (side eye). BTW, what exactly do they mean by ‘post-racial’ America? As long as we have brown and black skin tones that run the gamut, we will never be able to live in a world where no one ‘sees’ race. Knowing my roomie, she will definitely address that faux pas. But here’s a burning question I have: How many Black homeowners flock to developments with the word ‘plantation’ in the name? I once told a friend that I would never even look at houses in a development with that word in the name. Is this practice exclusive to Southern states? I don’t think I have ever seen the word ‘plantation’ on anything up North. Hmmm…

2. I stumbled onto the Blogging While Brown site today. I hate that I missed their annual conference (not that I would have been able to go any way), but I thought I was finally getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. Ugh! I will definitely add that event to my calendar for next year. Any way, I clicked through a bunch of the blogs listed (and followed a few on Twitter). I will admit that I was kind of disappointed by the lack of Education-related blogs. Of course I started asking myself a bunch of questions, including ‘Are there any people of color besides @FirstTeacher and @TheJLV blogging about Education? Considering the ramifications on NCLB, RttT, and whatever else the Obama administration thinks of, shouldn’t there be more people of color blogging about this issue? I understand the importance of teaching entrepreneurship, money management, etc., but those lessons are in vain if Lil Ray-Ray or Juan can’t read well enough to develop a business plan, let alone effectively execute one. Right? Or is it just me? If all the people of color who are keeping up with the Kardashians or concerned about what their favorite celebrity is wearing would invest half of that time, energy, and attention into demanding quality schools in their communities, the achievement gap would not exist. No, this issue is not exclusive to only those who have kids. If you work, pay taxes, and own a home or business, then you should be concerned by the manner in which your money is spent. You do have a voice.

The only way we can get the attention of those seeking to hold positions of leadership is by exercising our right to vote. We turned-out to vote in record numbers in 2008, but we can’t rest now. That was just the first step in returning some of the power to the people. Obama cannot fix everything; he is certainly too busy to understand what happens in Snellville, GA or Houston, TX. It’s up to us to hold elected officials accountable for their words, actions, and campaign promises. If not us, then who?

Remember: The Georgia Primary Election is July 20, 2010. This will determine the direction of our public education system. Either we stay at the bottom or we fight our way to the top; we don’t have the luxury of running a ‘race’ only to realize we have been running in circles.


2 responses to “When the status quo just won't do

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  1. We’ve got a warped sense of priorities and values and it’s leading to our demise.

  2. “I understand the importance of teaching entrepreneurship, money management, etc., but those lessons are in vain if Lil Ray-Ray or Juan can’t read well enough to develop a business plan, let alone effectively execute one.” @EDUCATIONCEO

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    The other day, on the issue on immigration, I said, the US should hold Mexico for not fixing it’s own economic problems and the needs of the working poor instead of selling them the American dream and letting them land on our lap. And the Mexican government should hold the US accountable for our drug consumption as we are their #1 customer and without our demand their supply would be useless.

    Someone asked…how would you go about reducing the demand for drug.

    I replied…that’s easy…Ed Reform…that’s the begining and end of everything for me.

    My goal and purpose in life is to empower urban youths, felons, and single mom’s with the ability to create a vision for self/family/community, to actually write and be goal oriented, and know how to put action into those goals.
    Yet in the midts of that…at every turn…I am drawn back to the source…education!

    Because we can’t do any of this if people can’t read and or execute!

    China and India have taken over manufacturing.
    A recession means jobs that once went to uneducated lower classes of blacks and Latinos are now subject to going to Susy Homemaker Divorcee with a degree…

    The dropout and achievement levels of our people are and will be our demise. There is no way around it.

    The prison, health, and predatory financial industries are all fueled by an education that perpetuates our children’s ignorance.

    Without education, we are hopeless.
    And as for me…I won’t let anyone take hope from me.

    I mean…they might as well just put us back in chains…oh, no wait…the 37Billion dollar Prison Industry has already done that!

    So, if you ask me…I don’t care about Basketball Wives, I don’t care about Chili finding a white man in Atlanta, I don’t care to wear a pink wig, I don’t…I don’t…I don’t…care about so much. Not about $18 lip gloss (though I can afford it and I do like it)…

    And if you are black or Latino, you shouldn’t either.
    Our culture, history, we…are being pushed into an entirely wrong direction…a path of no return…poverty, illness, crime.

    Equity in education is our RIGHT and nothing and I do mean nothing should be at the top of the list but this!

    Ask me what care about and I will always say, I care about brown and black girls and boys, learning how to read, right, do math, and think critically! I care about them being able to do so at a level that they can compete in world markets.

    I don’t just care either. I demand it.
    I’m kicking and screaming and taking action until something is done about it.

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