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It’s Tuesday morning. 7:20 to be exact. I am waiting to see the girls off to school. Looking forward to getting back in the bed as soon as they get on the bus. I know I should be planning how I will attack the day and all the things I want need to get done, but some days I just don’t want to. Yesterday was one of those days. I am praying that it doesn’t turn into one of those weeks. You know the kind where you have literally zero productivity because there is something there, something in the way. You can’t really put your finger on it, but you know it’s there. I think I have figured out what ‘it’ is for me. I miss the classroom. I miss the interaction with the kids. But it goes a little deeper than that.

As I participate in discussions and interact with other teachers on Twitter, I am reminded of what I am missing. This little voice has been nagging me. Blame it on the questions on Facebook and Twitter: ‘Where are you teaching?’ or ‘What are you teaching?’ I hesitate to respond. Technically speaking, I am not really a teacher, per se, or am I? I don’t really consider myself a homeschool teacher to my oldest, but instead just a parent doing what had to do be done-the public school alternative leaves much to be desired. Any way, here I am. Struggling with my identity. Can I really call myself a ‘teacher’ since I am not in a classroom? Those who have retired from the education system can refer to themselves as a ‘retired teacher. But what should I say?

‘See my blog. That will explain what I used to do, why I left, and what I am doing now.’

Nah. I need to figure this out (ASAP) because I am feeling a little stuck right now. I have the feeling that whatever it is I am supposed to be doing, is right on the other side of this confusion. Sadly, there will likely be thousands of other teachers in the same predicament at the end of this school year.


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  1. Start a school! You’re a wealth of information, wisdom and expertise. If you can’t get the support you need in Atlanta….come back home and do it. Indiana wants you!

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