A little break from the (Education) insanity   2 comments

I’m back. The Twitter and blog hiatus did me a lot of good. I had the opportunity to rest, evaluate, recharge, and regroup. At least that’s what I have told myself! Participating in various education-related chat groups on Twitter (BlackEd and EcoSys) have provided me with the opportunity to ‘hear’ what others are doing in the their respective classrooms, both K-12 and higher ed. I will admit that it is easy to become disillusioned after interacting with other teachers/educators. For the most part, we all seem to have viable and feasible ideas for seriously addressing eradicating the ‘opportunity gap’ that exists for many minority and economically disadvantaged students; however, few of us have the opportunities or resources to share our ideas on a large scale. My observation: Far too many teachers are concerned, not enough administrators, superintendents, and knowledgeable policy makers share the same urgency. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not give credit to Principal El, Principal Kafele, and Dr. Steve Perry, for they are in positions to initiate, cultivate, and nurture change within their respective environments. Furthermore, those leaders foster leadership in all stakeholders (students, parents, etc.) How many of us can honestly say that our building leaders have done the same? How many committees within your building are chaired by the exact same people, year after year? This type of leadership is one of the reasons why we continue to have the same discussions; nothing ever changes. When demographics change, our instructional and leadership styles need to change as well. Some of us ‘get it,’ and the rest, well….But I would like to know how we are supposed to keep the fire lit, given all the elements that work against us? How can we ‘Choose to Stay’ when greener pastures present themselves?

I will ponder those questions as I listen to my girls’ piano lessons. I hope that the answer presents itself soon, as I feel myself running out of steam and I have grown tired of bumping my head against the wall known as public education bureaucracy.

2 responses to “A little break from the (Education) insanity

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  1. Steve Perry is a HOT DOG who is trying to make the media bucks as the great education guru; he has no new ideas and could never run a school real school district. I’d like to see his dissertation, and what schools did he graduate from?

  2. Dr. Perry is trying to be the great conservative teacher union busting con. He’s just loud with empty ideas.

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