If I didn’t know any better….   Leave a comment

I’d think that:

  • The Emancipation Proclamation actually called for the continued enslavement of Africans
  • We were happy slaves
  • Juneteenth was created to give African Americans another reason to have a cookout
  • Malcolm, Martin, Medgar, and Rosa were fictional characters
  • Brown v. Board of Education upheld and legalized school segregation
  • There is no such thing as ‘The Talented Tenth’
  • We have actually overcome
  • The Civil Rights Movement never happened
  • Arne Duncan is the son of God, sent to save us savages
  • Blacks are too ignorant and incompetent to educate any children, especially their own
  • We’re only qualified to run a football, shoot a basketball, sing, and dance
  • Having a Black president will erase our country’s torrid and shameful past
  • That my $150,000 education is not good enough to break into the ‘Good ‘ol boy’ network

Now that my vent is over, I can get back to work.

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