When it comes to Education, everyone's an expert   1 comment

I keep flipping through my calendar but I can’t find it: national ‘Education has suddenly become a mess’ day. Is it on your calendars? Apparently, it’s a holiday that only politicians, talking heads, and anyone who has never been involved in Education celebrate. Since the Obama Administration announced the Race to the Top competitive funding initiative, everyone has chimed-in on what’s wrong with Education and what needs to be done. This latest Wall Street Journal op-ed piece got my dander up today, simply because we have reached the point of politico-overload. Do these nuevo-Education experts know that No Child Left Behind was authorized in 2001 to address the achievement gap between low-income and affluent students, as well as the gap between minority and non-minority students? Probably not. Do they realize that we are asking for trouble if the government signs over million dollar checks to states that have repeatedly failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress without the midnight-hour ‘safe harbor’ crutches? Probably not. Do they realize that in order to even begin to touch the surface of the Education crisis, we need to have a major change in leadership? Probably not. But I digress. If you can close the achievement gap with RttT funds dangling in front of you, why can’t you do the same without it?

One response to “When it comes to Education, everyone's an expert

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  1. Agreed.
    The best experts in a child’s education are the parents and we’re told to sit down and be quiet all too often. Unfortunately it takes a few billion dollars to get a few elected leaders off their duffs and care about what parents want and children need. It’s crazy.

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